Announcing Happiness

Announcing Happiness

Don’t let your happy thoughts reverberate in cyberspace alone! As part of the ‘Happiness Happenings’ event, the Hayward Huddle invites you to tweet about what makes you happy. These tweets of joy, composed in the comfort of your own home, will be announced on a megaphone outside the Royal Festival Hall as little bursts of inspiration.

Happiness Happenings

Royal Festival Hall, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th November, 12-4pm

Allan Kaprow’s happenings make us question how our every day tasks and gestures make us feel and think. Artist Oriana Fox is collaborating with the Hayward Huddle, the gallery’s group of 16-19 year olds and their mentor, artist Davina Drummond, to create a series of large and small scale ‘Happiness Happenings’ that will take Kaprow’s work one step further. Day-to-day activities will be re-examined and re-performed not only to take us out of step with the everyday, but hopefully to bring us a little closer to joy.

To Take Part

To have your Twitter message broadcast to the South Bank via megaphone this weekend just tweet the thing that makes you happy adding the hashtag #makesmehappy

To get the latest on this and all of our artistic projects at Southbank Centre follow @southbankcentre on Twitter.


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