Socialist Rock

Aleksandra Mir - Freddie on the Plinth

Aleksandra Mir is an artist with an extraordinary talent for finding and working with fascinating individuals whose stories span unpredictable arcs of social history and culture (it may be no coincidence that Aleksandra trained as an anthropologist).

Her class for Wide Open School is yet another example of her unparalleled ability to find unexpected links between things that, on the surface, seem miles apart, yet on closer inspection reveal definite affinities.  In this case, it’s a link between rock star iconography and Socialist Realism – or capitalist and communist propaganda.  Mir’s class explores the work of the amazing Czech sculptor Irena Sedlecká who once made large-scale commissions for the Communist regime and in 1991 received a commission from the band Queen to create a larger-than-life memorial statue of Freddie Mercury (check out the accompanying photos).

Julius Fucik by Irena Sedlecka

The classroom itself will include a display of Irena’s remarkable studies of the rock singer, providing food for thought about that strange cultural matrix where Socialist Realism meets Monumental Rock.  This class is a gift for anyone interested in figuring out new ways to think about art and 20th century history.

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