David Shrigley: Brain Activity video

I really looked forward to making this video with David on my last visit to his studio in Glasgow before we began installing the show in London. David is most at ease in his studio, which is very clean and organised. This surprises a lot of people as they expect huge amounts of chaos and disarray based on the nature of his drawings.

David was excited to show me his new paintings on paper for the show, a series of over 40 brightly coloured works that now line the corridor connecting the two upper galleries. Although I had read that he discards about three-quarters of his work, I was quite taken aback by the amount of cold rationalisation and discpline required to destroy over 100 finished paintings in order to narrow the selection down to the right ones.

The new bronzes that he shows me have been made from hand-shaped wax and then direct cast – some are silver-plated. The hammer has a smiley face on it and I love the idea that as you bang and smash things with it, you leave a trail of happy faces behind. I don’t think we’ll be appearing on the cover of The Source anytime soon wearing the curatorial bling – this is a good thing as neither of us would be able to keep a straight face.

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  1. Hi Cliff, I visited Brain Activity last week and I’d like to ask what you think about using animals as resources for artwork? The way I see it, speciesism is a parallel to racism and sexism. There is no morally significant distinction between humans and other sentient non-human animals so they shouldn’t be used this way – regardless of how they lived or died. I personally don’t see taxidermy as humorous, the dominant narrative is always exploitation, cruelty, and domination.

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