Project Space – Ron Terada: Who I Think I Am

Photography: Roger Wooldridge

Ron Terada’s exhibition opened last week in the Project Space. Have a look either now when it’s quiet or come after MOVE: Choreographing You opens to see both at the same time. The story of Jack Goldstein is a really intense one and you can get a view into his troubled life through the suite of text paintings that Ron is showing. It is unfortunately ironic that his work is undergoing a resurgence of interest only after his death. During the opening of the show, we were also made aware that the book Jack Goldstein and the CalArts Mafia is also going to be re-published, which is fantastic news as the book is currently out of print and hard to come by. For the exhibition, Ron has also produced a limited-run poster work which, following on from interest in the ‘secondary materials’ of an exhibition, is essentially a smaller version of the exhibition poster on the front of the gallery. Be sure to pick one up in the gallery when you visit – they’re free.


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