Hey, We’re Closed! Hayward Gallery Closure Programme

‘I should be in charge’: Hayward Gallery vinyl by Bob and Roberta Smith © the artist

Hey, We’re Closed! is a programme of interventions by 13 British and international artists on the Hayward Gallery’s exterior, while the Gallery is temporarily shut for essential maintenance work.

In their different ways, each of these interventions reflects on paradoxes and possibilities thrown up by the prospect of making art for a building to which the public currently has no access.

In Many Ways These Exhibitions Will Never Happen is a rolling presentation of posters for fictional exhibitions at the Hayward Gallery, designed by nine British and international artists. A set of three new posters will be unveiled every three weeks from the end of March until the end of May 2010.

Each participating artist was given a simple brief: to devise a poster for a show to be held at the Hayward Gallery between 2011 and the end of time. No other restrictions were given. Any group of art works – be it real or imagined, from the distant past or from the far future – was permissible. Budgets were infinite. Customary curatorial considerations could be happily ignored.

Presented on the exterior of the Hayward Gallery during a period in which it is closed to the public for refurbishment, these artists’ posters explore (and sometimes exceed) the limits of exhibition making, asking us to reconsider the way art is contextualised and displayed.

The first set of three posters are by: Klaus Weber (b. 1967, lives and works in Berlin), who proposes filling the Hayward Gallery entirely with water and the odd eel; Ken Lum (b. 1956, lives and works in Vancouver), who has devised an exhibition of the work of famous artists who committed suicide; and Bo Christian Larsson (b. 1976, lives and works in Munich and Berlin), whose fictional show is curated by the Large Hadron Collider.

Visit our Flickr set for photos of the interventions

Find out more about the Hayward Gallery Closure Programme and see what’s planned for the Hayward Gallery’s re-opening this June.

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